Bringing hospital-level care home

Healthcare companies often have a hard time shedding the insider jargon and explaining clearly to the rest of us what exactly they do. Terms like payment model and progressive provider can be the death of marketing videos meant to engage audiences. That was the problem facing the team at Contessa, who came to Stonecastle for help telling its story in a way that both hospital executives and patients can understand.


  • Client: Contessa
  • Agency: Stonecastle Pictures
  • Type: Healthcare, Brands
  • Deliverable: Explainer Video
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Animation, Scriptwriting

The Project

The Project

An animated approach


After interviewing Contessa’s team to better understand its business, Stonecastle began to look for ways to tell its story. Together, we came up with an animated concept that followed a family through the kind of healthcare scenario where Contessa might help. Once we got the green light to proceed, we wrote a script and built storyboards mapping out shot-by-shot how the video would unfold.

Adventures in mo-cap


Next came the fun part. We decided to experiment with an animation process called motion capture, which records actual movements from an actor and then used to animate an illustrated character. You’ve probably seen Hollywood films that use this technique. Same thing here, only instead of different actors, our animator wore the motion rig himself and played the parts of all the characters you see in the video.