Fist Bump

Wonder Ink is a Sunday school curriculum used by churches around the world, and its marketing team came to Stonecastle Pictures with a creative challenge. They wanted us to create a brand film that captured its mission of teaching children the Gospel, but they didn’t want to mention the actual curriculum at all, except in the closing credit.

  • Client: David C Cook
  • Agency: Stonecastle Pictures
  • Type: Non-profits
  • Deliverable: Brand Film
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Scriptwriting, Video Production



A very specific audience


Stonecastle Pictures worked with the Wonder Ink team to create a script aimed at leaders in children’s ministry departments at churches. These are the ones who choose which curriculum to use, and so the goal was to craft something that spoke directly to their passion of educating children without hitting them over the head with a sales pitch.

This time, a scripted approach


Though our specialty is documentary filmmaking, this project needed a scripted approach. So, in partnership with the team at Wonder Ink, we developed a script and shot the entire short film in one day. Using a mix of actors and non-actors, we set out to do the same thing we always do: to tell a captivating story that moves audiences to act.