Nicky’s redemption story

Mercy Multiplied is a counseling and outreach program based in Nashville for young women who struggle with anxiety, depression, and a host of addictions. As a nonprofit ministry, the leadership at Mercy is frequently asked to share its story to potential donors, volunteers, and partners during live events and fundraisers. But slide presentations, brochures, and even explainer videos weren’t hitting home with audiences. It was time to find a story that captured the heart of Mercy.

  • Client: Mercy Multiplied
  • Agency: Stonecastle
  • Type: Non-profits
  • Deliverable: Brand Video
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production

The Project

The Project

Casting for a story that connects


As we sat down to begin the story development process with Mercy Multiplied, we learned about a young woman named Nicky who was scheduled to graduate from the program soon. We saw in her own story a classic hero’s journey, where the staff at Mercy played the role of a guide who brought Nicky to a place of decision, and ultimately, transformation. This approach gave us a powerful story design that produced deep, relatable themes.

A classic storytelling structure


The goal of nonprofit videos like this one is to place audiences inside a believable story and to give them a new perspective on something they hadn’t considered or experienced. Maybe it leads someone to give money. Or maybe it touches someone else to participate in another way. By positioning Nicky as the hero of the story and casting Mercy as the guide, we gave this video a classic structure built to optimize its impact on audiences.