One very loyal customer review

There are customers, and then there are the life-long devotees who swear their allegiance to a single brand. Jacob Miles is one of those people. He owns this paint and body shop outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and has very strong feelings about the brand of uniform he wears to work each day. Perfect guy for a customer testimonial.

  • Client: Red Kap
  • Agency: The Buntin Group
  • Type: Brands
  • Deliverable: Testimonial Video
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production

The Project

The Project

A customer testimonial for Red Kap


Nashville-based ad agency The Buntin Group approached Stonecastle to create a testimonial video for its industrial workwear client Red Kap. They wanted someone to try out the brand’s new ZeroSkratch line of clothing, and found a true believer in a paint and body shop owner outside of Nashville, Tennessee. A long-time Red Kap customer, Jacob Miles agreed to spend a day showing us around his shop and explaining all the things he liked about the new uniforms.