Educating the future physician

Vanderbilt’s School of Medicine approached Stonecastle to promote a new kind of curriculum for its medical students. It was called Curriculum 2.0, and the program signaled a massive shift in how Vanderbilt would structure its training for the next generation of medical students. Vanderbilt had been rolling out Curriculum 2.0 slowly for a few semesters, and was now ready to implement it across the entire school. But a change this fundamental needed explanation, and this is where Stonecastle came in to help.

  • Client: Vanderbilt School of Medicine
  • Agency: Stonecastle
  • Type: Healthcare, Education
  • Deliverable: Explainer Video
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production, Scriptwriting

The Project


Our audience was medical students, and the goal was simply to give them a broad picture of what Curriculum 2.0 would look like. We saw this project as a high-level Explainer video, and decided to give it a breezy, quirky tone that would appeal to med students who were already up to their eyeballs in boring presentations.


Our creative team spent a lot of time devising interesting ways to film this video, whether it was placing the camera at unusual angles, locating off-beat music, or dropping 5,000 puzzle pieces on two confused medical student volunteers. The result is a fun-to-watch explainer video that helped Vanderbilt sell its vision for a new way to educate medical students.