What it takes to be a world-class nursing school

Vanderbilt’s School of Nursing had a lot to brag about, but struggled to communicate it all to prospective students. As the marketing team prepared to launch a recruitment campaign, they approached Stonecastle to create an attention-grabbing video aimed at a younger audience.

  • Client: Vanderbilt School of Nursing
  • Agency: Stonecastle
  • Type: Healthcare, Education
  • Deliverable: Recruiting Video
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production, Animation

The Project

The Project

This recruitment video had to be memorable


Social media is loaded with forgettable and poorly-produced brand videos competing for our attention. At Stonecastle, we like to say that if it’s not worth watching, it’s not worth making. So we had to find a way to capture the message, promise, and brand of the nursing school inside an entertaining framework. Like all our work, we wanted to leave audiences with a feeling – an impression that spoke between the lines. And that feeling for Vanderbilt’s School of Nursing would be confidence, quality, and a little fun.