Same storm, different boat

Early in the pandemic, as health officials in Nashville began to study the data on local COVID-19 cases, they noticed a startling trend: the highest infection rates were concentrated in parts of the city with large immigrant and non-English speaking populations. Fearing those residents were not receiving the warnings – and haunted by the thought of a spiraling trend – the city reached out to Siloam Health for help.

  • Client: Siloam Health
  • Agency: Stonecastle Pictures
  • Type: Healthcare, Non-profits
  • Deliverable: Fundraising Video
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production

The Project

The Project

A fundraising video that did its job – and more


Siloam Health is a non-profit neighborhood clinic that serves Nashville’s immigrant and refugee communities. As COVID-19 ripped through these areas, the health department partnered with Siloam to deploy health workers who could reach these communities. Nine months later, with the crisis contained, Siloam asked Stonecastle to document the story about its role in the city’s early fight against COVID-19. This non-profit fundraising video, which premiered at Siloam’s virtual fundraiser, helped the clinic raise over $250,000.

The story behind the Siloam story


Watch this video from our Client Spotlight series we created with Siloam’s Chief Development Officer Katie Richards. She describes Siloam’s partnership with Stonecastle and our creative process that led to a documentary that’s paid for itself many times over.




Client Feedback

"Hearing high-powered CEOs of large companies say to me, 'I want to show that video to my staff team. Can I forward that video to my peers?' To me, the fact that they want to associate their reputation with that video speaks volumes about the quality of the product."

Katie Richards, Chief Development Officer, Siloam Health
Katie Richards, Chief Development Officer, Siloam Health