What does Siloam Health mean to patients? Just ask them.

As Siloam Health prepared to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the marketing and development team approached us to create a year-long video campaign. They wanted a stirring “anthem” video to kick-off the celebration, followed by follow-up video content to release throughout the year. We knew that Siloam was a brand that could stand behind its mission of “healthcare transformed by love,” so we decided to let its people do the talking – patients, staff, and volunteers. For two days, we rolled our cameras as they came to our studio, one by one, to sit in our chair and tell us their stories.

  • Client: Siloam Health
  • Agency: Stonecastle Pictures
  • Type: Healthcare, Non-profits
  • Deliverable: Brand Video + Social Content
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production, Scriptwriting

The Project

The Project

Playing to Siloam’s strengths


We rarely shoot in studios — usually we prefer filming out in the real world — but for this project, having a uniform setting made sense. Our concept was simple: over the years, Siloam has touched thousands of lives, changing the healthcare landscape of Nashville. Why don’t we invite some of those people to drop by and share their story? We filmed for two days and interviewed a dozen patients, staff, and volunteers. What they shared with us became Siloam’s “Anthem.”

Social media video content


By sitting each person down and conducting a wide-ranging interview, we were also able to assemble stand-alone testimonial videos. We were careful to build each video around a different perspective of Siloam so that they could be watched together without feeling redundant. This was not “disposable” social media content; we wanted these videos to give audiences a deeper, nuanced picture of what Siloam is all about from multiple points of view.


All this additional content eventually boiled down to ten testimonial videos which were deployed across social media platforms and showcased during fundraising events. Here’s one of our favorites.

How they were used


These brand videos also served an important fundraising purpose. Their release on social media was used to gather an audience for the annual fundraising event at Nashville’s Music City Center. And the event, attended by several thousand friends and donors, was structured around the videos themselves, punctuating the show in-between each speaker’s address.