Stonecastle produces branded video series for Nashville church

Churches are not typically the organizations who come to us to produce branded video content. We did a TV show for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association once, and we’ve created a number of fundraising videos for non-profit ministries, but we’ve rarely created anything specifically for a church. So when West End Community Church in Nashville asked us to develop a branded video series for them, it was definitely new territory for us.

Their problem was this: its congregation, like many others after the pandemic, had fallen out of the habit of practicing community. As church leaders told us, they’d lost the “muscle memory for service.” They believed it would take more than sermons to draw its congregation back into a rhythm of community and service. And its marketing team, who had seen our work for UpRise Nashville, liked how our brand films have a reputation for being emotionally engaging without feeling manipulative.

So we took up the challenge and filmed three videos in the fall, each featuring a different person in the church who was modeling service in a memorable and distinctive way. You can watch all three videos below.

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