Where creative development and video production come together


As a video agency, Stonecastle guides you through every step of the creative process with our award-winning team of marketers, producers, and directors. We go beyond just filming your content. We come alongside you at the very beginning to nurture your ideas and build them into a solid storytelling framework. You need more than just a video. You need the right video, one that’s purposefully designed to accomplish your goals. That’s the Stonecastle difference.


You only get one shot at a first impression, so we’re here to make sure it counts


At Stonecastle, we’re experts at taking complex ideas and translating them into compelling visual stories. We look through the data to locate the human themes that will drive your message. Then our creatives get to work building a story structure that’s clear, emotionally engaging, and just plain fun to watch. Here are a few of our favorite examples.


We bring a decade of experience filming healthcare stories


Stonecastle has filmed in clinics and hospitals all over the world and we understand how to get the job done without creating disruptions. Our production process is built for speed, quality, and precision – which means we provide commercial-quality production services without the headache of, well, commercial productions.


Your story is more than a single video, so why shoot just one at a time?


We understand that video production is expensive, so we maximize our shoot days to capture additional assets for use in other videos. We could turn your brand video into a short documentary. Or your explainer video into a social media campaign. Stonecastle works efficiently so you can get the most out of your investment.

Featured Healthcare Clients