Identifying your objective


There are many ways to tell your story; finding the right approach depends on what you want your video to accomplish. That’s why our team begins the creative process by learning what success looks like for you. Is your goal to increase brand awareness? Lead generation? Online engagement? We’ll design a story tailored to achieve your specific marketing needs.


Designing your story


The next step is taking the data we’ve gathered – all the research, pre-interviews, and conversations – and applying our creative expertise to design your story framework. Stonecastle’s storytelling process, developed over a decade working with B2B companies, non-profits, and ad agencies, combines powerful visual imagery with rich emotional themes that elevate your brand.


Filming your content


Stonecastle Pictures’ core team of producers and directors, together with a national network of trusted creatives, go into the field and work their magic. From full-scale commercial productions to lean-and-mean documentary teams, Stonecastle Pictures handles the entire production and post-production process, which includes editing & review, custom animations, color grading, and sound mixing & design.