A special graduation day

Nashville has one of the lowest hourly wages in the country and highest costs of living. The pinch has created a new class of working poor who can barely afford to make ends meet. Uprise Nashville launched its unique career development program as a solution to the problem, with amazing results. The larger difficulty, as with most nonprofits, was capturing the attention of donors and partners. 

  • Client: Uprise Nashville
  • Agency: Stonecastle Pictures
  • Type: Non-profits, Education
  • Deliverable: Brand Video
  • Services: Creative Strategy, Video Production, Scriptwriting

The Project

The Project

A story about second chances


Nonprofit videos are about more than just telling donors what you do. Powerpoint can do that. Brand videos are your opportunity to let them feel the impact of what you do. That’s why Stonecastle Pictures created a video for Uprise that was about more than a career development program. It was about getting a second chance to live a better life. By framing the video around a story of transformation, we gave audiences an emotional hook that was easy to relate to, connect with, and share with others.

woman rides bus in nashville at night
uprise graduate poses for photo with her new diploma at graduation ceremony

About the partnership


Uprise Nashville is a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating relational, economic, and spiritual poverty through education and the power of relationship. Uprise knew that capturing the dramatic success stories of its students in a video was key to raising more money, recruiting students, and attracting business partners. Our creative leads worked with the Uprise team to research, pre-interview, and cast for an effective story that would accomplish these goals.

The Results

"Stonecastle took the time to get to know our organization, our heart and most importantly, the people we serve. They made our participants and our team feel understood, and beautifully illustrated the value of our work. The compelling piece they created for us continues to resonate with potential donors, volunteers and employer partners!"

Carole Peterson, Director
Carole Peterson, Director